Game Plan

The response my last post generated…




I am one of those writers who often feels a deeply compulsory need to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) from time to time. Call it the weight of the muse, the prompt of the spirit, the introverted version of being a blabber mouth; they all translate to an almost-uncensored blog post nine times out of ten in my case.

I was scared, sad, and yet confidently full of hope when I last posted. Since then, I am completely the former and nearly none of the latter (happily!). Since then, I have heard a Lyme expert lecture and feel much more informed and prepared. Since then, I have had a zytoscan done which showed fairly positive results. Since then, I have a game plan which involves building up my immune system through a detoxification/food sensitivity-avoiding diet, new-to-me essential oils, additional supplements, and chiropractic.

I am sure that there will be future posts about how incredibly annoying (in a VERY first world way) following an allergen-free, organic diet can be.

But for now, I just want to thank every single one of you. For your prayers, your support, your information, your essential oil contacts and samples, your love.

I love you, too.


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