Rainy Day Love

Rainy days are my happy days

Calmed. Soothed.

White noise that effectively cancels out my frantic thoughts, replacing them with whispers of “it’ll be alright” heard in the cadence of the pitter patter of rain drops

No harsh sunlight forcing me to squint my eyes, they’re wide open, shielded by long lashes meeting their purpose

No bright sun burning skin so pale from generations of lives born under Scottish skies

Rainy spring days shield the grass from sunlight, too. Emerald green, unbleached by long hours of light exposure

Blossoms out, drinking their fill

Alive. Fulfilled. Peace.


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One thought on “Rainy Day Love

  1. Dad

    I feel more calm and peace just reading this, Sweetheart. Even though it’s not raining here. Yet. Thank you.


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