Tied to the Tracts

So there I was, in line at Whole Foods, listening to the woman checking out in front of me make small talk with the employee. There was a decently long line behind us. As she finishes paying, she suddenly asks the employee if she’s ever read the Gospel and hands her a tract and said “It’s really changed the way I view God” and smiled and walked away.

The employee started scanning my three items, and asked how my day was. When I returned the question she replied with “I always find that a bit weird..” And went on to tell me how she went to catholic school all her life and prefers finding her peace in meditation on her yoga mat. I listened and agreed that strangers asking us to change (or not-they never really know) our beliefs in a passing moment seemed weird to me, too, then I told her truthfully that I thought she had handled the situation well.

One thought on “Tied to the Tracts

  1. Da

    I think the building of a genuine relationship with someone is what God really intends for His followers to show His love from a truly caring heart that knows the person.


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