Learning about learning exhilarates me. Hearing explanations and lessons flow out of my mouth, sometimes even surprising myself, is a thrill. Collaborating with fellow teachers on new ideas, abstract philosophies, practical minutia: all feel right. And, of course, working with the students. Developing relationships so that we understand each other and can better learn. Providing the support and encouragement to help them navigate this turbulent time of their lives. Seeing potential for doctoral studies and education reform. It’s all a thrill.

Learning about communications exhilarates me. Seeing words flow onto a screen, typed by my own fingers yet sometimes surprising myself, is a thrill. Collaborating with fellow writers and editors on chapters, blogs, formatting, and mechanics: all feel right. And, of course, working with clients. Developing relationships so that we understand each other and can better create. Providing the support and encouragement to help them navigate these ever-changing playing fields of communication. Seeing potential for business growth and network expansion. It’s all a thrill.

Never one to put much stock into astrology (probably due to the church upbringing), I don’t often think about astrology when diving into a favorite pastime: self-analysis. That being said, I often joke about being two people at once because I’m a Gemini. Honestly, my only knowledge of the sign has been that the symbol for it is the twins. So it’s an easy way to get a laugh when I explain my inability to choose a single path.

Today, I decided I know myself well enough to see if I have any connections to my astrological sign. After finally looking into the sign by unscientifically choosing the first Google result, I was very amused to find that 90% of the linked article above rings true. And I’m not too proud to say that I find that strangely comforting. It’s always nice to know our personality/tendencies/behavior/minds are not psychotically unique. Isn’t it?

The website says things about Geminis that do describe me well:

  • I love to talk
  • I love collecting and sharing information
  • I have an active imagination
  • I thrive when tackling many things at once (it’s the only way I know how to function, honestly)
  • I’m quite mercurial…
  • …but I can also be indecisive. And I can see how that is viewed as vacillating.
  • I’m insatiably curious
  • If my mind isn’t engaged, I’m done. Out. Fidget-city.
  • I “prize intellect and consider it the key to all things”
  • I reason objectively, so I can be seen as cold or insensitive. (This hurts a little, but I can’t shut it off.)
  • I’m literary to the core.

I also find this line entertaining and accurate: “Is all of this Twin-energy more than any one person can handle? Ah, maybe that’s why they are two.” I love it so much I’m going to shorten twin-energy to twinergy and just own it.



Journey into the stars aside, what’s the point of all of this self-analysis? Well, like all self-analysis, it’s self-indulgent. Self-affirming. I guess I want to declare that those two opening paragraphs are who I am – both of them.

I love teaching. I love contract content writing and editing. I love both worlds, and I don’t see why I should have to choose.

Maybe I’m prematurely aging myself by keeping so busy. Maybe I’m missing out on some laid-back, impromptu socializing. Maybe, maybe, maybe.


I’m still taking time to stop and smell the roses. I still keep my eyes on the skies. I still watch too much Netflix and workout religiously and read and reflect and write fiction and sing in a band.

I’ve written about this before, and I’d like to think that with each newer post on the topic, the closer I get to the truth. I am a person who thrives in the thick of things; whose production output directly correlates with the amount I’m being asked to produce. I don’t always get the balance right, and areas suffer, and quality can vary (I’m human, hooray!). But I know me, better and better.

I am incredibly happy to have two careers at one time. I want to see both grow, flourish, and increase in impact. As of right now, I am aware of how much I am capable of and I am relishing it.

I know you are multi-faceted, too. In what ways? Do you prefer to be busy or to slow down? Do you buy into astrology or are you pure constructivist-realist? I really don’t want this to be all about me, so please feel free to comment. <3


One thought on “Mercurial

  1. Dad

    Excellent portrayal of who you are, how you work, and why this works for you. I’m just not the “doer” that you are; my facets are almost entirely mental: always thinking, skipping from Theology to Politics to concern and prayer for family & friends to issues such as why we aren’t utilizing clean nuclear power (molten-salt Thorium reactors, for example) to how the mathematical odds against it preclude the possibility of random, spontaneous abiogenisis. Busy inside, laid-back outside. Don’t buy astrology as its been sold to me, cannot call myself a pure constructivist-realist, either. There are too many goings-on which can only be explained by forces operating outside the sidereal universe – or at least our understanding thereof.

    Now I have a headache…

    …but I love you and am very proud of you!


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