Parent Teacher Conference Data

25 conferences in

4 hours plus
1 IEP meeting plus

1 impromptu
1-on-1 work session to catch
1 student up (which we did!)
5 more conferences in
30 quick minutes before
30 quick minutes of snack/water/caffeine/bathroom break then
1 student and her
1 mom waiting
0 energy left but
“You’re the famous Mrs. House! Well, famous House in our house. Every day I hear more about you. You’re the reason Maddy wants to be an English teacher! And the reason I think she can do it!” And there’s
1 more reason that adds to
1 promising meeting that adds to
1 student willing to work in the middle of a conference-filled lunchroom that adds to
86 more reasons to keep putting forth
all of the effort for
each and every of my
89 students.

One thought on “Parent Teacher Conference Data

  1. Da

    I always knew you were amazing, it’s gratifying to hear that others confirm my opinion of you! Great job!!!


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